14 August 2008

When Stars Collide

"Honestly, Jessie, you and I both know that as blond beauties, we deserve far more than our current lifestyle at the castle."

"I agree, Little A. I mean, despite the fact that I barely have any teeth left, I'd still like a steak to gum on each day."

"Right, Jessie. Being of limited vocabulary between us and beyond insisting upon shiny bed wear and fantastic sandals and beaded dog collars, what can we do to express to the Servant exactly how much more we deserve?"

"I know Little A! At the count of three, lets give the Servant our best turn of the head with squinted eyes, hopefully conveying our utter disregard for having to linger among the common folk, when so obviously we are royalty. Perhaps if we each also tilt our chins just so and look upward as well, it will give the picture a movie-star-I'm-too-good-for-you-effect."

"Sounds good. Then I've got to dash off to my quarters and watch Dora and get my feet rubbed while they fetch me chocolate milk and adorn my cheeks with kisses and struggle to fulfill the random requests that I have just so that I might grace them with my smile. Ugh, the things I must put up with, Jessie."
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