16 November 2006

Thanksgiving--Turkey Free

Next week is Thanksgiving, but instead of planning my menu (those who know me, please stop laughing now), I'm planning my thank-you's...here's my list so far:
  • My friends & family--some of them even being one in the same. How I'd get through a day without those that are so special to me, I haven't a clue.
  • The Queens. They are my life. No further comment needed
  • My home...I never thought I'd love a house again as much as I love this one.
  • My job. Do I wish I could be a stay at home mom? Heck yeah. But in lieu of that, I love where I work.
  • My sitter. I'm so fortunate to have someone watching Little A and Big A that loves them like her own.
  • My car. It keeps on ticking--a miracle within itself.
  • My body. Yep, my body, lumps and bumps and wrinkles and all. Overall, this thing works great, and it's produced two awesome children, and carries me where I need to be, even though I wish the carriage were smaller.
  • My dogs--my first kids. The definition of "faithful" lies in their eyes.
I'm blessed, I truly am.