16 November 2006

Thanksgiving--Turkey Free

Next week is Thanksgiving, but instead of planning my menu (those who know me, please stop laughing now), I'm planning my thank-you's...here's my list so far:
  • My friends & family--some of them even being one in the same. How I'd get through a day without those that are so special to me, I haven't a clue.
  • The Queens. They are my life. No further comment needed
  • My home...I never thought I'd love a house again as much as I love this one.
  • My job. Do I wish I could be a stay at home mom? Heck yeah. But in lieu of that, I love where I work.
  • My sitter. I'm so fortunate to have someone watching Little A and Big A that loves them like her own.
  • My car. It keeps on ticking--a miracle within itself.
  • My body. Yep, my body, lumps and bumps and wrinkles and all. Overall, this thing works great, and it's produced two awesome children, and carries me where I need to be, even though I wish the carriage were smaller.
  • My dogs--my first kids. The definition of "faithful" lies in their eyes.
I'm blessed, I truly am.


mamalang said...

Very nice! It sounds like you are in your new house. Isn't that the best feeling in the whole world. Enjoy your first Thanksgiving there!

Lauren said...

Loved your list. Maybe I can get myself out of my funk and post too. :-)

Emptyman said...

Should I complain about the lack of any new posts? Or would that be futile?