10 January 2007

Customer Survey

I'm at the tail end of developing our customer post job survey, and unlike many aspects of my job, it actually got me thinking. What if I created a survey to let the A's assess my job as a mother?

(All answers to be circled using the purple crayon)

Did I hug you today? Yes/No/Too much/Too Little/Too Tight/Too Loose

I'd rate my lunch today as: Too many good things/Where were the pomegranate/I'm sick of peanutbutter/What's lunch? Is there such a thing as lunch if you eat all day?

Today you embarrassed me by: Making me braid my hair when everyone else gets to let theirs hang in their eyes/Kissing me in front of my friends/Calling me "Chunk" and squeezing my little chunkers in front of people while changing my diaper/Asking me about my "big fat belly"

Today's lesson that will not penetrate my head: The direct link between caring for a hamster and being a good human being/Why the reverse pivot is an essential basketball move/Dog food does not provide any essential nutrients for me/Shutting myself into the dark bathroom will always result in me being shut in a dark room

Today's complete waste of time was: Having to make my bed/Bath-time/The Hamster Speech/Trying to make me wear shoes/Cleaning up after us

Areas with room for improvement: Cooking/Cleaning/"Scary" voice used when reading/Making less direct eye contact with us while serving us our dinners

Things we tolerate because it's hard to find good help: Conversations trying to convince us that the sun doesn't rise and set on us/Your compulsion to squeeze my naked bootie before plopping me in the tub/The song "Mandy"/Macaroni and Cheese trying to be passed off as "tonight's pasta selection"

Thanks for your input.


Emptyman said...

(1) I didn't know they had pasta, as such, in the Midwest. Isn't the pasta universe there divided into "mac & cheese" and "spaghetti"?

(2) "Mandy"? Someone's going to call Child Protective Services.

mamalang said...

That's too cute. I wouldn't want a grade today.

b. said...

If I score well, do I get a raise?

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