28 December 2006

Crystal Ball

When I was moving into our new home, I had a visitor almost immediately. Black and white, fluffy beyond belief and bright green eyes--he had the courtesy to dive right into my garbage canister outside to see if the new folks brought some new food.
I began setting food outside at the curb for him, gradually easing it up the steps. I also found a great use for all of Little A's formula that I can't use anymore, but had purchased in bulk. Each night I'll set out his food and milk, and probably about 3 nights out of the week, see him coming up to eat his dinner. Everytime I open the door, he bolts, but we've made some great eye contact, so I consider it progress.
Last night, or maybe it was early this morning (I avoid looking at the clock when I'm laying there wishing I were sleeping), I thought that I heard something outside. After a few minutes, I was certain-it was like a humming noise. I went to the door and my mind flashed to what surely awaits me.
There, on my brightly lit porch, growling at one another were two cats. Neither of them "mine", but each of them highly interested in the milk in the saucer. The fact that two large black cats were on my porch about to throw down wasn't frightening to me. What horrified me was that this was probably the first step into my destiny. You know, the neighborhood cat lady whose death is solely mourned by the gaggle of cats meowing on her porch, looking for food, and whose obituary is internationally posted as "todays 100 cats found in house with dead body" story on Fark.com.
Has anyone heard anything good about e-harmony? :)


Lauren said...

No idea about e-harmony. But I am cracking up at the cat lady story. You will be saved from being that lady simply because they were not in the house with you. We had a pigeon lady not too far from me. She was taken to court to stop feeding the birds. :-)

B. said...

Now you know you're truly living in the city! Stray cats.