17 March 2007

Lag Time

Last night, Big A and a friend were quietly passing time in the playroom. This made me nervous, so I popped in to check on them.

ME: How's it going?
Big A and Friend: Good
ME: What are you guys doing? (They appeared to be working feverishly on some sort of project that involved yarn, stacks of cards and empty tubes of paper towels)
Big A and Friend: Playing/Nothing
ME: OK, well let me know if you need anything.

Before I left the room, I glanced at the sign that they had hanging on the wall by them. It read:

"Hamster Setup Experimentation"

I got about two steps down the hallway, when my thought processor finally warmed up and fired sparks to the "warning" portion of my brain. It sounded like this:

Wait. (I stopped dead in my tracks)
We have a hamster.
They wouldn't.
"Hamster experimentation"???
Go check.
No, ridiculous thought.

ME: Um, what does that sign mean?
Big A: Nothing, we're playing
ME: Where exactly is our hamster?
Big A and Friend: Look at each other and pause a second too long
ME: Where is it?

Tube begins rolling suspiciously off desk.

Big A: We're playing experiment

A second glance at the desk does indeed indicate some elementary form of testing: the cards aren't stacked haphazardly, but in something reminiscent of an obstacle course. The tubes have sunflower seed and corn at the ends of them.

Defeatedly, the hamster is relinquished.

ME: (to furry creature in my hand) I'm sorry

Hamster: You're getting slow. You're lucky I have no capability whatsoever to contact PETA. Do you know how tiring it is to keep going back and forth in the same pattern, seeming to never please those you are scurrying for, wondering what the big picture is and when the exhaustion and running will end?

ME: You have no idea.


luckyzmom said...

Oh, my!
We had two hamsters. The first one lived on a window ledge. Expecting guests we (OK I) pulled the curtain to hide the cage. Everyone forgot he was there and I am so glad there was no such thing as PETA!
Wish I could say that the second hamster faired better.

Anonymous said...

I feel like a hamster sometimes too, going round and round on my little wheel.

Lauren said...

Oh boy...

Good thing you checked in when you did.

Poor hamster... :-)

BECC said...

LMAO)))) Aw Jenn! You know how I feel about that little guy! They just wanted to have a little fun! (evil smirk)

toni (in the midst...) said...

LOL! My 7½ daughter would be soooo in on this scene. She bought a Jr. zookeeper shirt at a thrift store so she can play "Jeff Corwin's wife" and give me tours of her rubber bug collection. She's begging us for a pet lizard right now. We're soooo not reptile people but I'm actually considering it. Crazy, I know.