27 December 2007

Let's Change the World, Shall We?

Recently, my lovely friend Jen gave birth to an idea of gigantic potential. I want to spread the word, and get all of you to register for the baby shower.

Her post reminded me of a quote from Mother Teresa: "If you can't feed a hundred people, then just feed one".

Often when volunteering, it is sometimes frustrating--wondering if what you are doing is really making a difference. You look next to you and see small change, maybe, you look at the world outside of you and can become crushed in all that needs change. How can it ever be done?

Let's try it anyway, people.

If you can't volunteer time, volunteer talent. If you can't volunteer money, volunteer kindness.

You don't have to register with a group, go to a shelter, belong to a church. You just have to want to change some part of this world for the better....who doesn't want that?

I volunteered to send out a couple of cards or letters each month to places where people might need them: hospices, nursing homes, shelters, etc.

What can you do?

Let us know, so that everything can get tied together and posted for the new year. Let's make it the year of the Blogger. We all talk about how wonderful this world is--let's try to make that world happen outside of our computers, too.


jen said...

thank you sister, so much. i can feel this baby kicking hard and strong.

NotAMeanGirl said...

I'm not sure what I could do but I'm in :)

Christine said...

my goal: to spend more time visiting and working with the elderly in my community and have my children do the same.

Running on empty

flutter said...

this is a lovely post, Jenn.

mycommitment.org is a great resource

Omaha Mama said...

I've been pondering (and posting) on this very topic today. Card making/letter writing is a fantastic idea! I want to do something too, I just haven't got it all worked out yet what that will be. But it's certainly that time of year, to ponder it all.

justabeachkat said...

What a great post about a wonderful idea!

I especially loved your line "If you can't volunteer time, volunteer talent. If you can't volunteer money, volunteer kindness."



Anonymous said...

I'm always short on time with Katie so I'm stuck with donating money. Doesn't feel as good as volunteering time but I know it does help.

bgirl said...

this is going to be a beautiful baby!

Anonymous said...

Yes. Beautiful idea. I'm in.