05 July 2009


Four Serving The Queens Jenn Barko Abrielle Barko


Tonight you'll fall asleep a three-year old, and awaken to the morning sun a four-year old. Still my baby, you know. Always you will be.

Looking back, Little A, I cannot believe the road that we've come. That you've come; from a complete surprise to the complete world of so many. To think that once, I held your tiny little life in my hands, and now you hold mine within yours. Funny how the world works, isn't it?

You are the sun in so many skies, the smile on so many faces, the laughter in so many hearts. To know you, truly, is to love you.

Once upon a time, Little A, I was terrified at the thought of you; having not a clue how I'd manage you, take care of you, be a good mother to you. Once upon a time, I couldn't understand why.

Today, Little A, the "why" that I do not understand is how I have been so blessed. How I was chosen to have you; how you are such an amazing gift. I thank the heavens and stars above for you so many times a day, little one. So many times.

And now here I am, on the eve of four, wondering how it is that just yesterday I found that I carried you within me.

I will always carry you within me, Little A.

Four. And four hundred times over.

Happy Birthday, Love.

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Lawyer Mama said...

Beautiful, Jenn. Just beautiful.

flutter said...

she is a lovely little creature

Kat said...

Happy Birthday Little A!

Sweet post Jenn.


Amy Y said...

Happy Birthday to your beautiful Lil A!!
And Happy Momiversary to you, too, Mama!

Mandy Mae said...

Happy, happy birthday to her, and to you too, Jenn. I've found that now that I'm a mother, I celebrate his birth more than I ever did mine, because it's the day I was born as a mommy. The most important job of my life.

So celebrate you, too!

(BTW...awesome cake.)

drleah@singlemommyhood.com said...

So sweet! Happy Birthday, Little A!

Mama Goose said...

Jenn, this is lovely. Happy (belated) Birthday to you both!

"Today, Little A, the "why" that I do not understand is how I have been so blessed." - Ain't that the truth.

T with Honey said...

That is an amazing cake and I'm sure the birthday girl is more than worth it!

luckyzmom said...

Fabulous cake and the adorable little Queen looks delighted with her castle.

Beautiful sentiment, beautifully written.