20 December 2010

How To Change The World

For any of you that wonder if anything that you do makes a difference at all....it does.

Living proof, right here, right now, of the possibility within all of us, and you still have time to help.

A fellow blogger decided to offer gift cards to twenty people in need this holiday season. When her personal limit was rapidly met, someone else jumped in, saying they would help the next person in need, and then someone else offered to help the next person in need. As of this morning, in less than a week, $22,000 in gift cards have been sent to total strangers around the world who didn't know how they were going to make it through the holidays.

As of this morning, there are still people in need and you still have time to help. It doesn't just make any difference, it makes all the difference.

Please, go here and do what you can.

Thank you.

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