05 September 2006


The lotto is up to $95 million tonight. I hardly ever spend money on anything like that, but today I am, just so that I can spend some time revisiting a favorite childhood habit: daydreaming. If I hit the lotto, I'd take home about $50 million in cash. Here's a list of some of the things I'd do with it, right off the bat:
  • Pay off the mortgages of all of my friends and family
  • Put in my two weeks notice
  • Buy my parents an around the world trip, where they would stay only at 5 star resorts
  • Start looking for land to begin my animal sanctuary where my friends could be employed
  • Purchase michigan college funds for all of my relatives
  • Build a hospice house
What would YOU do w/the money?


Her Grace said...
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Bethany said...

What you said, but I'll add...

Hire Stephen Colbert to be my personal comedian?

Give philanthropically (is that a word?)

Quit worrying.

Emptyman said...

Money doesn't solve all one's problems, but it greatly reduces their number and severity. Of course if I hit the lottery before the divorce is final I would be required by law to give half of it to my soon-to-be-ex. I would not quit my job, no matter how much I won.

R said...


Jenn said...

Well of course there's that... :-)

Margaret said...

Oh now that's a question.

I'd start up a hosting program/adoption agency and offer big ol' adoption grants to as many people as I could.

On Our Way said...

Your girls are adorable and I wish you luck with your decision as you look for what's best for you three. Be strong. I'm with Margaret as for the lotto $. First being getting my own girls from Russia. :) MaliMai