16 September 2008

Pay Some FARK'in Attention, Please

(Huffington Post) Sad "In arguably his toughest interview yet, View co-host Joy Behar asked McCain..." You read that right. Toughest interview yet, on The View. Our news media is doomed


(CNN) Fail GOP: "Sarah Palin has foreign policy experience, after all she went to Iraq." Media: "ORLY? When?" GOP: "And by 'went to Iraq' we meant, 'could have gone if she wanted to.'"


(Huffington Post) Scary Greenspan says this is the worst economy he's seen, which is scary considering he's 400 years old


(AFP) Unlikely Bush says he is working on a way to minimize the impact of his disastrous economic policies


(Blue Ridge Now) Scary Gov. Sarah Palin once appointed a high school friend to head up the state's agricultural division. The friend's qualifications? A childhood love of cows


(Politico) Asinine McCain asserts that "the fundamentals of our economy are strong." Today. The day that two of the biggest banks on Wall Street have failed


(Washington Post) Scary So it begins: D.C. election officials blamed a defective computer memory cartridge yesterday for producing what appeared to be thousands of write-in votes that officials say did not exist


(Talking Points Memo) Fail Gibson: "VP nominee Palin, what are your thoughts on the Bush Doctrine?" Palin: "The what now?" Gibson: "The Bush Doctrine." Palin: "Ummm... Could you dumb it down a shade?"


(Salon) Scary Guess who picketed legal abortion clinics in Alaska?


(Daily Kos) Interesting Not only does Sarah Palin oppose abortion, she is also willing to block access to clinics that practice it


(Some Guy) Florida Ballots mistaken for trash and thrown out. Because it's in FL, consider this "foreshadowing"


(Yahoo) Dumbass McCain touts Palin on foreign affairs: commander in chief of the Alaska National Guard, because some of them have died in Iraq

(CNBC) Scary "The end result of the global economic slowdown may be the U.S. announcing national bankruptcy as the government cannot afford the bailouts that it promised and the market will not bail out the government"



(Are you registered to vote? Are twenty people that you know registered?)


Lori at Spinning Yellow said...

Nice overview of some scary stuff going on. I've been surprised over and over by whom the American public has chosen for its leaders. I am hoping that they finally get it. Please, oh please, people!

Amy Y said...

Great post ~ yes, most definitely registered. And very excited to vote this year!

Amanda said...

Registered. Decided. And talking about it.

Mama Goose said...

Frightening isn't it? Registered. Ready. And Recruiting.

Denguy said...

It interesting to see that some USAers are actually questioning their government. I have family there, but unfortunately they live in Texas. They are such sheep that they seriously think other countries are grateful to the USA for helping them.