17 February 2007

Something He'll Never Know



Anonymous said...

I just found your blog through Luckyzmom and I have enjoyed reading it. You are a wonderful writer. Your little girl is beautiful, I'll be back to read more. Thanks.

Shawn said...

Oh sweet, sweet Chunker. He is a complete POS & does not DESERVE to get to know these things. I hate him for never having the balls to become the man that he could have been. How ANYONE could walk away from the 3 of you blows my mind. I love you Jenn.

Anonymous said...

You know, it's possible to have your father in the very next room, and still feel like he's impossible to reach. Just like it's possible to feel your loneliest when you're sitting next to the person you love most.

It's easy to romanticize what could have been, but is it possible that your and her reality if he had stayed might not be as beautiful as what you have now?

I don't think you give yourself enough credit...having a penis in the house does not equal happiness.

mamalang said...

And doesn't that view alone make your heart ache. My kids are their most beautiful selves when they are asleep...even the teenager (or maybe I should say especially the teenager...lol). Thanks for sharing!

Anonymous said...

His loss!!!!

Anonymous said...


Or your kindness, or your patience or your open door.

And he sure as fuck does not deserve her.

Someday, she will call someone Daddy and that person will be amazing and love her more than life because that's how much he loves you.

And the asshole that is her biological father will be just as empty and dead inside as he was the day that he walked out of that hospital with her on a ventilator and you on your knees begging God to spare her life and take yours instead.