08 November 2007

Bedtime at the Castle

Time: Dark. It doesn't matter what time it is, it's dark, therefore, time for bed. You don't need to look at a clock, now quit asking.

Location: The Castle

Cast: The Queens, The Servant

Setting: The upstairs quarters, cast snuggled into respective beds

Little A: (off stage) "Hi".

Cut to Servant, putting down book, mystified look on her face, thinking, "Did I just hear Little A"?

Big A: (off stage) Mom! Little A is up!

Servant: Sigh. (Puts down book, swings legs out of bed, notes to self she needs to paint her toenails)

Little A: NO!! (Sound of pattering feet running as fast as they can down the hall, door slamming)

The Servant opens Little A's door just in time to see her diving into her bed and actually pretending to be asleep.

Servant: Little A, it's time for night-night (trying to maintain straight face)

Little A: I sleeping (shuts eyes, begins to pretend snore)

Servant: It's probably a good night for all of us to sleep together.

After getting the one hundred items needed to ensure a good night's sleep for The Queens, the cast settles into the servant's bed, snuggled up and exchanging "I love you's".


This isn't a Disney movie folks, the scene ended with The Queens hitting each other and everyone back in their respective beds for the night.

But still, for one minute.....


Family Adventure said...

Oh, so, so sweet! And funny! Especially the ending. It would do Disney good to have some of those endings every now and then. :)


slouching mom said...

There is so much love and affection here. Humor, too.

Anonymous said...

Sounds like real life, messy, funny and sweet.

Rebecca said...

aah! I love it! Is she not in her crib anymore?

Anonymous said...

Thank you Lord, for making them so damn cute! (all 3 of 'em)

Bean said...

Imagine 4 girls in your bed & then be happy you only have two. Then try to figure out how it is mom still has her sanity!

T with Honey said...

That one minute of sweet snuggling is pure mommy Heaven! Then its kicks to the kidneys. Get off my pillow! Don't cover me! Tossing, turning, rutching around before the final "I want my own bed."

And I only have one queen.

But that one minute, I hear ya!

Kerry said...

haha! I tried bringing my son to bed w/ me so I could sleep better (hubs was out of town). It worked like for you about five minutes and then it was back to his bed.

painted maypole said...

ditto slouchy. ;)

Jennifer said...

Ha! I love it. (The love, and the...ending. Hee.)

luckyzmom said...


Christy said...

I love it. Sounds like our house...except my little one nevereven tries to sleep in her own bed. It is straight to our bed, and their the whole night. But, I don't care! I love the cuddles :)

Anonymous said...

Tell the A's that grandma says
See them soon.
Love you too, Mom

Christine said...

me too, dude. me too!

clc said...

This made me laugh out loud .. They are too damn adorable and smart. Must get it from their mother.

Lawyer Mama said...

Ah, don't you just love it when they figure out they can get out of bed. And all the fun is going on somewhere else!