17 November 2007

Let There Be Peace on Earth (And Let it Begin in the Kingdom)

This picture was taken:

A.) Five minutes after arrival arriving home.

B.) After a night of cotton candy and a violent sugar crash

C.) Never. It was photo-shopped by an evil elf who is jealous that outbreaks such as thus never occur in the Kingdom.

In this picture, Little A is:

A.) Going for the jugular

B.) Learning the basics of CPR by testing for Big A's pulse

C.) Practicing the under-rated art form of quashing an opponent by striking a particular nerve in their neck

The most appalling part of this photo is:

A.) The Servant is genuinely laughing hysterically while watching the Queens attack each other

B.) See above

If you've ever read my blog, you should know that I'm too lazy to be creative. The correct answers are all "A".


justabeachkat said...

Hi there! Sorry I haven't stopped by in awhile. It's been c-r-a-z-y around my house...decorating, shopping, wrapping, etc., plus I was out of town for the weekend. It's been fun reading all your posts I've missed.


Lawyer Mama said...

Ah, so adorable. Clearly, they're having a ball.

painted maypole said...

but why haven't you seen little A in a week? oh... it is so hard to be away from your kids that long!

flutter said...

*big huge grin*

Jonas said...

Family pictures are a hoot. I swear, in every photo taken of me during my first five years of ife, my older sister is inflicting bodily harm on me. I kid you not. It's OK...50 years later we still love each other.

Family Adventure said...

There's an action shot!

The question in my mind...how come you hadn't seen little A for a week? Is this part of the story to come?

Hope all is well!


Anonymous said...

Clearly there is but one cliché appropriate for this situation...

She learned from the best.

bgirl said...

ohhh....i can't wait to learn about what is clearly good stuff happening in your kingdom!

MP said...

Gotta love a little one w/ fire in her heart..

PS..your hair looks very pretty..(said in a non gay way..not that there is anything wrong w/ that)

Becc said...

Yeah! Yeah! Yeah!

The angels are singing for you!!!!

Loralee Choate said...

Oh, the tufts of blond hair going on in this photo are killing me! It's always hard on my when my son is away visiting his dad. I go nuts with missing him.

Janet said...

She's fierce! But look at her cute l'il blonde hair. Love it.