04 June 2007

My Fault

After a detailed five minute review of the rules of priming with Big A and her friend H, I let them loose with paintbrushes and primer. Some of the rules included:
  • Do not paint each other
  • It's o.k. if you drop paint on the floor, but don't try to
  • Don't glob the paint on
  • Do not, under any circumstances, leave this room with the paintbrushes
  • The windows do not need to be painted
  • Nor do the electrical outlets
After believing that I had covered the major points and left little room for error, the dog showed up with stripes of primer on her black coat.


Christine said...

That poor dog! Did you get a picture? Enjoy your margarita and have one for me, too. ;-p

slouching mom said...


You forgot a rule!


Kids just crack me up.

Thirty-One Trendy said...

How do they find ways to obey the rules and still get in trouble?! Egad!

bjover said...

I want to see pictures of the dog too. Kids can find a loophole anywhere lol

Shawn said...

HaHa. Crack & Whack are too smart for us! Doesn't H have a soccer game today???

BECC said...

Pictures! Pictures! Pictures! Please!

JustMe said...

Could be worse. Imagine the loopholes three young BOYS could have found with your directions!