19 June 2007

Sunshine, Lollipops and Rainbows

I was touched by the many kindnesses that I encountered on a daily basis this week. Perhaps they were always there and I was too busy to notice, perhaps it was karma, making her rounds. I'm not sure, but I am grateful, and, I think, wiser.

People have done things for me that made me aware of all the good that is out there, even if I didn't want to see it because I wanted to huddle up in the dark forest I was in. And people have made me aware that sometimes it isn't the people you'd expect that came out looking for me, lanterns, blankets and first aid kits in tow.

Some of the searchers to whom I'm indebted:

The comments and emails I've received from all the people reading my ramblings have served as a constant reminder that compassion and empathy are some of the most important human elements. Please know that your words and the fact that you'd even take the time to write them to me meant so much.

The friends that came running on the drop of a dime; I'm still in tears that I mattered that much. Because it's easy, you know, to discount yourself and drown your sorrows in a pool of self-pity. It's impossible to do so when you are surrounded by such amazing people.

The night at the local sports bar/karaoke lounge (uh-huh, readers, it's the same) when unexpectedly so many laughs were shared and hands were held, thank you. For hugging me extra hard and not minding that I saw your tears when you did so, T, you rock.

The fact that you even considered putting your lawnmower in your car and mowing my yard for me--I'm still misty over it. I understand the screwdriver being the "uh, not so much" point, I honestly do. The fact that you were going to do it; I'm keeping that thought wrapped up very carefully and putting it on the top shelf where no one can take it from me, and where I won't lose it ever again.

D-For inviting the girls and I to a bonfire and then going to the pool with us the next day, even though it was Father's Day and I found out later that you didn't like swimming, thank you. H-For telling me that it was wonderful that you were there because your husband has a "soft spot in his heart for the girls", and for being the kind of woman that says it without jealousy or agenda, thank you. For having that spot for me and giving me the gift of knowing your family and friendship, D--thank you. I can't think of one thing that I'd have done to deserve your kindness, but I'm grateful nonetheless.

B-Thank you for everything; every scratched back, sex ed lesson, sunny beach days, 2:00 a.m. phone calls, thank you. You were my first sister.

For designing this kick-ass new site for me, for absolutely no reason at all, other than you saw a graphic and thought of me--Maggie--wow--I thank you! I was (and still am) floored that you did this for me. It takes talent to put all that I feel about the girls and my words into a picture. The Pawn, whose shadow is the Queen--how did you know?

What a week! In one week, so much kindness.

Thank you.


slouching mom said...

Oh, I'm so happy for you, and for your mom.

Those rainbows are something, aren't they?

Anonymous said...

Awesome news. I'm so relieved.


PDX Mama said...

That is fantastic news!!! I'm so happy and relieved for you.

Love the new site.

KC said...

Sun! Glorious Sun! Very glad to hear it.

bubandpie said...

Nice new template! I love the chess piece.

And such good news. I'm so glad.

flutter said...

I am so glad you are seeing the sun, honey. I love the new look around here, too

Ally said...

I smiled with relief when I saw the title of this post come up on my Google reader page. Hooray for this good news! And hooray that you got to find out how many people care about you.

Angela said...

It is so much easier to share our worries then keep them inside, when we share our worries, we find out people actually care.
Glad things are brighter for you.

bjover said...

Good to hear about your Mom. Im sure it was a big sigh of relief.

Well, ill cya on the court!

Christine said...

I am so happy that those shadows have passed!!!! Such joy now!

And this was a wonderful thank you note to all those great people in your life; sounds like you have a great team backing you up.

And great new design!

jen said...

lost and found. i am SO happy for you, friend. and thank you for letting us walk alongside you.

it's an honor.

Aimee said...

YAY!! YAY for benign-ness! I'm really so, so glad for you and your family :)

Lauren said...

So glad everything is ok with your mom.

I have been checking in on you even when I didn't get to post a comment. I have been thinking about you and hoping for the best, though.

Christine said...

I'm so happy for you.

I hate those shadows. Odd that what once scared us as children, our shadows, come back to us in adulthood to be more terrifying than before.

Congratulations!!! Have you taken a full breath yet?

Love the new site.